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Sandtoft is committed to providing products and services which meet or exceed the expectations of a customer when benchmarked against the current industry market leaders.  Sandtoft also complies with, and in most cases exceeds, relevant standards set by legislation.
We consult closely with our employees, involving them in decision-making. We believe that an informed, well-motivated workforce is the key to delivering quality, with all employees invited to contribute ideas on improvements.  Our people are encouraged and motivated to take responsibility for, and pride in, delivering excellent quality to customers in both product and service. 

Senior management continually work to ensure that our quality philosophy underpins decision-making at all levels of the organisation.

Our Two Principal Aims:

Sandtoft strives to be recognised as the market leader in offering:
Excellent product quality  : roof tiles of consistently high functional and visual quality at a competitive price; and

Excellent service quality : a friendly, professional and efficient service to customers and to specifiers.

Our Eleven Principal Objectives:

In order to achieve our two principal aims, we have adopted the following eleven quality objectives: 

  1. Compliance with product quality requirements  comply with relevant product quality requirements, including statutory requirements and Sandtoft’s own requirements which in most cases exceed standards set by legislation;

  2. Best value:  provide best value to customers by minimising manufacturing downtime and waste whilst adhering to health and safety legislation;

  3. Delivery service:  ensure our products are delivered on time, in good condition and off-loaded correctly to our customers’ satisfaction;

  4. Customer/specifier service:  provide friendly, professional, and efficient responses to customer/specifier requests;

  5. Product availability:  ensure good availability of all main stock products, and reasonable lead times for non-stock items;

  6. Product design/development:  through close liaison with roofing contractors, ensure that our products meet the needs of our customers and fixers;

  7. Complaints:  deal quickly and fairly with any complaints regarding quality of product or service, and take prompt action to improve performance;

  8. Staff awareness/responsibility:  actively encourage and motivate all staff to take responsibility for and pride in delivering excellent product and service quality to customers;

  9. Staff performance:  seek to continually improve the performance of staff through regular assessment and training, and strive to create a challenging and enjoyable work environment in order to minimise staff turnover;

  10. Continuous improvement:  regularly review our quality system and manufacturing processes seeking to achieve continual improvement;  

  11. Long-term investment:  ensure that a programme of long-term investment is in place to uphold excellent levels of quality in both product and service.


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